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PDP-8/L I/O-Box

Bild: PDP-8/L with acessories
Manufacturer:Digital Equipment Corp.
Technology:TTL-IC magnetic core memory 4096 Words * 12Bit
Price:about DM 50.000.-

Because many user planned an expansion of their minicomputer as it was possible with the 8/I, DEC built a small, a "light version" of the 8/I. It is a desk top cabinet, which contains the whole CPU with 4K of memory and a serial line. Memory can be expanded to a maximum of 8K, but this uses another cabinet of the same size.

The picture shows on the left the opened PDP-8/L: on top the wire-wrap-field, which interconnects the modules, right a magazin with fan-fold papertapes which contain the standard software distribution and right in front the 'small computer handbook' which helped to understand the computer and its programming thorougly. In front two single papertapes.