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News from the PDP8/L       (27.11.97)


Thos page is really green, that means today the FOCAL-69-Interpreter
worked again for the first time.


The second oldest minicomputer in the museum.
Year of manufacture is 1969, 4K-core memory, a serial port.

The 4K main memory has enough space for many programs:

f.e. a FORTRAN-Compiler
      a LISP-Interpreter
      a Chess program
      a FOCAL-Interpreter
      an Assembler
      a texteditor		

R.B.W.s Helploader

Something about the phyiscal architecture of the machine:
The whole machine consists of a frame containing 4*36 plug-sockets.
Into this plugs sockets, so called Flip-Chip-modules are plugged in. 
These are circuit boards with dimensions 60*125mm(single height) or
128*125(double height). There are three different colored modules:

Etwas zum physischen Aufbau der Maschine:
Die gesamte Maschine besteht aus einem Rahmen, der 4*36 Steck-
fassungen enthält. In diesen Fassungen stecken sogenannte 
Flip-Chip-Module, das sind Platinen mit den Abmessungen 60*125 mm
(einfache Höhe) oder 128*125 (doppelte Höhe). Es gibt drei ver-
schiedene farblich kodierte Modultypen:

 White : Cable connections. (f. e. connection to the power supply and
	 to the core)
 Green : Analog modules. The rread-/wirte-ampilifiers as well as the 
         matrix decoder of the core.
 Mauve : Digital modules, containing 3 to 6 SSI-TTL-ICs.
	 The double-height modules contain up to 18 ICs.

Alltogether, the CPU contains 54 single-height and 9 double-height

At the beginning of October 1997, the machine was struck by lightning:

chronicle of the worst case scenario

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