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Bild: keyboard

the keyboard The large equal-keys right below and the missing + and - keys show that this machine is designed for mercantilistic use. Immediatly after entering a number and pressing one of the =-keys it is added to or subtracted from the total and indicated in the display. For invoicing the locking A-key is useful: Products of the kind "single item * quantity" are summed up. So the total of the invoice is directly shown. Another useful key is the also locking K-key: To calculate discounts or surcharges one enters as first factor for example 0.97 for 3% discount, or 1.11 for then 11% VAT. The resulting final price is calculated by simply entering the second factor and pressing the =-key. Another gadged is the feature to correct single digits while entering a number. A feature that lacks many modern calculators.

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