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Tennetape TP 1351

Tennetape Frontpanel

Type: Tennetape TP 1351 <<< *** >>> ^^^ Manufacturer: Tennecomp Technique: discrete analogue circuits, some Op-Amps interface to computer with R-modules Year: 1970 (serial number 2) Price: ?

As external storage for the classic-8 this cartridge drive is used. It employs "Fidelipac"-cartridges. These are cartridges with an endless tape loop dating from about 1959. American radio stations used them for station jingles and commercials. Begin of the loop was indicated by a reflecting metal label. The cartridges can be easily opened and the tape can be shortened to the exact length of the jingle. So after each run the tape is at its begin again. To our PDP-8 we have cartridges with 30 seconds length, which hold a complete 4K memory content. We also have cartridges with 10 seconds run time which hold 1K. The tape has 4 tracks, thus 4 programs on each cartridge can be selected by an rotational swich.

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