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50 years PDP-8

Bild: SBC6120

Manufacturer: Spare Time Gizmos Type: SBC6120 Year: 2003 Seriennummer: ? Technology: monolithic CPU (Harris HD6120) semiconductor memory, 2.5" Harddisk Price: ?

Just right in the anniversary year we finished our SBC6120-Board which was sleeping for some years in our museum. It is now housed in a picture frame with the dimension 210*250*30mm│ together with a 4G-Toshiba harddisk. Powersupply and serial interface is led through an opening on the back. Below the board, where in the moment the jubilee banner is placed there is room for LED-display and a switchregister to be added later. The picture on the banner comes from an advertisment from "intersil" the firm who integrated the whole PDP-8 on a chip in 1975, only 10 years after introducing the first PDP-8 as a second generation computer: IM6100. The whole system, which is running OS/8 V3D with Y2K-patch, is placed on the top of the classic-8.

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