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the oldest and the youngest

Bild: SBC6120

The PDP-8 was produced by Digital Equipment from 1965 to 1990 and thus it is in the computerworld somewhat like the VW beetle or the Citroen 2CV under the cars. The first version, the "classic-8" is a 2nd generation computer with discrete semiconductors. Only ten years later in 1975 Intersil launched a one chip version, the IM6100. It had some flaws, which made it very laborious, to realize a complete PDP-8-system. It was applied in the VT78. The enhanced version, the H6120 from Harris was in use by DEC until 1990 in their DECmates, und thus were the last commercially produced PDP-8s. In 2003 an american PDP-8-enthusiast designed a small single board com- puter based on the H6120, the here shown SBC6120. A limited number was produced and one of them found the way to our museum as a friendly donation. The 50s anniversary of introduction of the PDP-8 gave reason to finish the project and present it on the top of our classic-8.

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