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The LGP-30 runs again ("No. 4 lives")

28.12.1999 at 20:45 was the time: After one month of a cleaning and measuring orgy we put all modules back to their place and we couragously pressed the "EIN" (POWER ON) key. And lo and behold: the fuses didn't blow and after the specified 100 seconds the registers were displayed on the scope tube.

The only apparent fault was a bad contact in a tube socket that caused the tube not to heat. After a fiveteen minute break where we localised the bad contact and fixed it provisorily, we powered-on again and tested. Of course we didn't test all instructions and functions, but the pictures below are very encouraging. This evening the LGP-30 ran quite exactly 2 hours.

After 20 years: The console panel in function

The accumulator after typing 'u3w00' That is the instruction "jump to address 3w00!"

The instruction was transferred to the instruction register by pressing the key "BEFEHL EINGEBEN" (FILL INSTRUCTION).

The key "BEFEHL AUSF▄HREN" (EXECUTE INSTRUCTION) does what it is supposed to do: The jump was executed, the program counter is 3w00.