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HP 9810

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Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard
Year:since 1972
Technology:TTL, MOS-ROMs, MOS-RAMs
Price:about DM 15.000,-

Successor of the HP 9100 and compatible with it. However, the internal organisation is completely different: the architecture of the HP 2116 was reimplemented, whose staticly stored firmware emulates the HP 9100. Light Emitting Diodes(LED) serve as a display, which were also enhanced by HP in the meantime. Because this calculation machine was not equipped with a core memory any more but with MOS-RAMs, which were developed meanwhile, the program memory was volatile on switch-off, so the magnetic strip reader was obligatory. The magnetic strips of the HP 9100 can be read and the programs can be executed. Besides, ROM-cassettes can be used for extending the firmware.