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Burkhardt Arithmometer

Bild: Burkhardt Arithmometer
Manufacturer:Arthur Burkhardt (Glashütte, Sachsen)
Year:since 1878
Technology:stepped drum entry by a set of sliders

A stepped drum machine, which is still following closely the original Thomas de Colmar machine. Arthur Burkhardt is considered to be the founder of the manufacturing of calculating machines in Germany. Using the licences of Thomas, he founded his company in Glashütte, Saxony. In Glashütte, already in those times, there existed a world-famous watch-manufacturing tradition, as well as again today.

Functionally, it already corresponds the Curta, the Alpina or any other mechanical manual calculation machine: it has a entry register, a count register and an accumulator. The accumulator and the count register can be shifted towards the entry register, whereby it is possible to execute a stepped multiplication or division, just like on paper.

Based on this construction, the later "Archimedes Euklid" was developped.