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Anita Mark 12

Anita Mk 12 total view skiewed Bild: Anita Mk 12 total view frontal

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Manufacturer: Bell Punch Company Ltd. London S.W.1 Type: MK 12 (Mark 12) Year: 1966 Serial no.: 70043 Technology: Vacuum Tubes, cold cathode relay tubes, Transistors Price: DM 4995.-

One of the most strange constructions thinkable: although it is advertised in the bureau machine encyclopedia from 1966/67 as fully transistorized, in reality the machine is realized mixed: it contains two high-vacuum tubes ECC 81, a Dekatron GS 10D, two ring counters with cold-cathode relay tubes (Thyratrons), a control store with selenium diodes, as well as a huge amount of silicon transistors. The changeling at the museum has the serial number 70043. Presumably the numeration began with 70000 and this is a pre-series machine. Perhaps the later machines were really full-transistorized.

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