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Wang 600

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Technology:TTL, semiconductor memory 2048*42 bit microprogramm-ROM
Price:DM 12.750,- (Basic configuration with printer)

The Wang 700 was an ad hoc reaction to the HP 9100 calculator. In many aspects it seemed tentative and unfinished. Higher arithmetic functions like 'sin', 'log' etc. weren't hardwired, and had to be loaded from cassette if needed. Later, in the Wang 600 these arithmetic funktions were microprogrammed in a way that it wasn't necessary to enlarge the microprogramm-ROM of the predecessor, in which the algorithms to calculate these functions are stored.

Technically the Wang 600 was modernised: There is only a one-line display, which isn't made of single nixie-tubes anymore, so volume is saved and a little drum printer fits into the computer. Memory is built with semiconductors and not with magnetic core.

The same peripheral devices like IBM-typewriter, plotter and card-reader (picture) may be connected to both, the 700 and the 600.

Display and keyboard
Display and keyboard