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Texas Instruments TI 990/10

Bild: TI 990/10
Manufacturer:Texas Instruments
Technology:TTL (MSI, LSI) 192 kbytes of semiconductor memory
Price:$30,000 complete with disk drive and software

The TI 990/10 is a further architectural development step after the TI 960, however it is not compatible with it. This machine is well-equipped: The frame in the middle is the CPU, above resides a FD800 8 inch double floppy drive. Below the CPU is a DS10 fixed/removable disk drive with a capacity of 2x 10MB.

The CPU architecture is for the most part identical to the TMS9900 microprocessor from the same manufacturer, though implemented in discrete TTL logic on two circuit boards.

The TMS9900 microprocessor
The TMS9900 microprocessor

The TMS9900 was used in the smaller brother of the 990/10, the TI 990/4, instead of the discrete CPU.