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Canon Pocketronic

Type:         Pocketronic                              <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer: Canon
Technology:   PMOS Multichip
Year:         1970
Price:        ca DM 2000.-

The Pocketronic uses an alternative display concept: it has a thermal
printer, which prints on a narrow strips of paper lengthwise to the 
transport direction. This avoids problems of the plasma displays.
You can argue about if it was Sanyo, Canon or Compucorp who really 
developed the first calculator. But it is a fact, that the Pockettronic
was the smallest of the three. It was also Texas Instruments who 
claimed having developed the prototype of the first electronic 
calculator already in 1967(which is exposed in the "Deutsches Museum")
in Munich. When looking at this calculator resp. its photos from its 
interior and compare them with the interior of the Pocketronic, 
built in Texas Instruments-ICs, it is conjecturable, that the 
Pocketronic is the serial version of the TI-machine except for the 

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