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Commodore PET 2001

PET 2001
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Abbildung in einem Prospekt

The PET was introduced in June 1977 and it cost about DM 2500,- in
Germany. Of course it was not the first personal computer how it is
often called. If you define "personal computer" as a computer which
is not located in a data center and there maintained by a team of
specialists (operators, maintainers) and whose cost/performance-ratio
is that cheap, that in principle it could be dedicated to a single 
user and not to a whole band of programmers and users, then there were
many personal computers before, for example the HP5100, the HP9100, 
the various Wang computers, the PDP8 in all its variants, the LGP 30 
just to name some of them.
The PET is legally entitled to be one of the first complete computers, 
which were that cheap, that it was also afforable for private people 
who were not willig to tinker.

Equipped with a 9" monitor, which still is in the museum in an older
version, that still has a white glowing phosphorous. The keyboard is
the famous calculator keyboard which is noted for its bad contact
making and its little unergonomic keys.
Anyhow it left space for a built-in cassette recorder.

The processor is a 1 MHz 6502, the RAM has a size of 8K. The ROM is
14KB where an 8K-BASIC-Interpreter by an American company is located,
which is not able to provide bug-free sofware 'till the very day.
Precise: It is about a so-called 'Old-ROM-Pet', which has still 
different bugs in its BASIC:

for example, the legal statement 

10 IF F OR I = 5 GOTO 200

generates a synatx error, becaus the parts F OR' are
wrongly interpreted as FOR.

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kk, 8.4.2001