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Olympia CD 701

Inside view Bild: Olympia 701 Total view
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Manufacturer:Olympia Werke Wilhelmshaven
Type:CD 701
Serial no.:200820
Technology:PMOS-LSI-circuits, Nixietubes Microprocessor National Semiconductor MM5700
Price:DM 1450,-

Principally an unimpressive desktop calculator. It does the four basic arithmetic operations, and also square roots and it has two memories. The += and -= keys and organistion of the memories indicate a more mercantile use. Interesting in this calculator is it's insides: It is built with the microprocessor MM5700 from National Semiconductor. Nat-Semi was in the 1970ies wellknown for the broad variety of microprocessors which they launched and dismissed in fast sequence. The MM5700 is correlating to the Intel 4004, which also was developped as processor for an electronic desktop calculator.