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Bild: LC80 Gesamtansicht

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Manufacturer: RFT Type: LC80 Year: 1981 Technology: ÁP U880 (Z80) Price: 720.- M (Currency of former GDR)

An educational computer of the GDR(LC = Lehr-Computer). Its contruction reminds one of the KIM 1. The cover of the box on the left side of the photo is similiar to the style of the "Kosmos" contruction kits of the 60s. Usually, copies of western microprocessors were produced in the GDR. In fact, exclusively the processors by Intel, Zilog and Mostek were "produced". The i8008 was called U808, the i8080 was called 8080 and the Zilog Z80 was called U880. The one-chip processors were Mostek versions, 16Bit microprocessors were i8086(K1810 WM86) and Z8001(U8001). Processors by Motorola(M6800 and M68000) were not yet available then. The only GDR microprocessor, for which there was no western equivalent, is the U830C. With this 8Bit-slice the PDP-11 clone was equipped.

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