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ime 84

keyboard display Bild: Total view of the ime 84
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Manufacturer:industria macchine elettroniche IME S.p.A - Roma
Type:ime 84
Technology:400 germanium transistors 2000 germanium diodes magnetic core memory Nixie tubes
Price:DM 4.750,- for the IME 84
DM 4.950,- for the IME 84 M
DM 6.250,- for the IME 84 RC (without remote control unit)

The ime 84 represents the state of the art technology at the beginning of the 60s. The machine emulates a classic mechanical three-register calculator: there is an 'entry register' (red), an 'accumulator' (green), as well as a 'counter register' (yellow), which contains the quotient at the end of a division. This machine also computes by counting pulses at a frequency of 30kHz. Although the machine is equipped with a core memory, which could actually keep its data after switch-off, its controller was that primitive, that the content of the registers got lost when switched-off. For the display, Nixie tubes are used, just like the Anita. These are inert-gas-filled discharge lamps, which contain one anode and ten cathodes consisting of wire. Each of the wire cathodes is formed like a digit. If one of the cathodes conducts, the surrounding plasma glows in the form of the corresponding digit.