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Intersil 6960 Sampler

Bild: 6960 Sampler Gesamtansicht

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Manufacturer: Intersil Type: 6960 Sampler Year: 1977 Technology: Mikroprozessor IM 6100 Price: ca. DM400,-

This is, so to say, Scrooge McDucks first self-earned dime. I bought the already completed construction-kit during my studies. What I didn't consider was the need for a Teletype to operate it. But Teletypes were in the production use at that time and accordingly expensive. To use it anyway, I built a small ROM from germanium diodes and connected a calculator keyboard and a 7-segment LED display to the parallel ports of the computer. Thus I started programming in octal machine language (no assembler!) just like others did with the KIM 1 at the same time. Some technical notes: The IM 6100 microprocessor used on this board is one of the first microprocessors realized with the CMOS technology. The instruction set is the same than that of the PDP-8.

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