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ICL 1501 (Cogar C4)

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Manufacturer: Friden Singer (Cogar Corporation) Type: 1501 (C4) Year: 1973 Technology: TTL, 8kB MOS-RAM (TMS 4062 or Cogar memory)

A small commercial computer system, that was used for example in petrol stations or at the adminsitrations of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The system was designed by George Cogar who founded the Cogar Corporation, that was later aquired first by Singer and then by ICL. The machine has only a very small ROM. With this, application programs could be loaded from the tape drive. These bizarre drives use small cassettes with only one coil, that mount the tape automatically with a hook. The computer has two of these drives that are located below the cover, which is opened in the picture. Without a loaded program, not even the cursor is flashing. The machine has a BNC connector at the rear for connecting external peripherals like printers, disk drives, tape drives etc.

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