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IBM 1130

Bild: Overview
Manufacturer:International Business Machines
Technology:SLT (no monolithic circuits): DTL logic Core memory 16 kwords * 18 bit
Price:$32.280 (minimum), $41.230 (typical with disk drive) [1965]

A complete computing centre with punched cards processing: The table at the front with the two red parts is the CPU with a keyboard and a ball typewriter for output. The left parts contains the 16k core memory. At the right end on the CPU tables is a blue Calcomp 565 drum plotter. Behind the right red door is a 2310 cartridge disk drive. In the rear row behind the CPU (from left to right): an external 2310 disk drive, a 1442 card reader/punch, a 082 horizontal sorting machine (partially hidden), the Tektronix 555 oscilloscope and finally, a 1132 printer at the right end.

The EAI TR-20 analog computer on the disk drive and the KIM-1 on the green table at the front are not part of the system.

Plus: The system is fully operational! On the 4th of June, 2004 we've unloaded a truck filled with computer parts, and at the Open Day on 3rd of July we were able to compile FORTRAN programs from the card reader.

Some pictures of the dismantling, transport and setup