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HP 9830

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Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Type: 9830 Year: since 1974 Technology: TTL, MOS-ROMs (8-14k), MOS-RAMs (1-3.5k) Price: about DM 27.000,-

The flagship of the 98xx series was the HP-9830. It has a complete alphanumeric keyboard, a single-line LED display and can be programmed in BASIC. A Teletype or a terminal can be attached with an optional serial interface. In this computer, the internal 2116 processor has a full 16 bit bus whereas the 9810 and 9820 have a multiplexed data bus, similar to the later Intel 8088. But there was no difference from the programmer's pespective. HP learned from the experience with the streamline case of the 9100: The case has a flat top and has grooves to lock the top peripherals in place. The computer in the museum has an 8" floppy drive from Infotek and a thermal printer.

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