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HP 9820

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Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard
Year:since 1972
Technology:TTL, MOS-ROMs (8-14k), MOS-RAMs (1-3.5k)
Price:about DM 21.000,-

Technically the HP-9810 and HP-9820 are nearly identical. They are only different in their keyboards, displays and firmware. The embedded 2116 emulates a calculator with AOL (Algebraic Oriented Language). This was a concession to those users who weren't able to become friends with the UPN of the 9810. Because HP used a 5*7 dot matrix for the display, it was possible to show an arithmetic term in the following form:

         5X + (3Y+Z) / 2 --> A

The firmware at this calculator could also be extended by ROM-cassettes. Further a lot of peripherical devices could be connected.