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hp-150 Personal Computer

Type:          hp-150                                   <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Hewlett Packard  
Technology:    uP i 8088 
               256KB RAM
Year:          1987 

One of the many compatibles, which weren't compatible enough: Speaking
of 'compatible' computers at the end of the 70s, only compatibility to
the Apple II was meant. There were infinite computers, which were named 
like 'Pineapple', 'Apricot' a.s.o.. In the middle of the 80s, 
'compatible' meant then compatible with the IBM-PC.
The HP-150 was one of those. Unfortunately, all concepts which not 
slavishly orientated to its example, often even the case and the 
arrangement of the I/O ports at the adress space, were convicted with 
fast extinction: The HP-150 computer was integrated into the monitor,
an optional thermal printer could also be integrated. The floppy drives
are (of course) connected via the HP-IB-Bus. As a specific, the 
computer is working with a 'touch screen' consisting of infrared light
barriers. Without a connected floppy drive, the computer works as a
ASCII terminal.

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