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Friden SRW Root Automat

Bild: Friden squareroot automate
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Serial no.:883673JJ
Technology:Stepped Reckoner
Price:ca DM 8000,-

The Friden root automat is one of the most powerful calculating machines which were ever built in a run. Accessory elementary arithmetic it can also calculate automatically the square root. One sees its before level of development (the 1950s) in the small reduced keyboard on the left beside the full keyboard: One of the quite difficult problems with the mechanical adding machines which had been resolved not before beginning of the 1960s, was the input of the first factor of a multiplication in a special multiplier register. Before the first factor had to be entered always separately along a special procedure, e.g., with the Friden SRW in the reduced keyboard on the left, and also still with the Anita in a multiplier preselect keyboard on the right by the full keyboard. With the special root algorithm of the SRW the root appears in the rotation counter, and also invisibly in the main keyboard.