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der 8008 emuf

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Manufacturer: me ipse Type: emuf-08 Year: 1990 Serial no.: 1 Technology: ÁP PMOS C8008, EPROMs 1702, CMOS RAM 6116

Sometimes people think, they have to perform something constructive. Thus I built a single board computer with the Intel 8008 microprocessor in 1990. According to the single board computers at the mc magazoneI called it emuf-08. To keep the effort low, I cheated a little bit: Serving as RAM, modern 2K.CMOS were used; to demultiplex the triply multiplexed data bus of the 8008, I used a 74LS273 octal latch and also a serial interface component, a 8251 fits better to the 8080. But anyway: The EPROMs are nice 1702 in proper style! With 14K RAM and 2K ROM, the memory is fully extended. The monitoring program is located inside the six EPROMS, that are on the circuit board. It is based on the intellec monitor. By the way, who has not yet noticed: By clicking on the pictures of my website, you will usually get more details!

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