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Apple Box

Unfortunately, it still isn't ready:                       <<<    >>>    ^^^

To begin with an overview of the Apples which can be viewed in the 
museum at the moment.
From down left to top right:
An Apple ][ whose screen however is unfaithful: On this screen, there
is a demo program running on the FRAMO 6800-TV-Computer, which is 
standing right beside below the Apple floppies.
Down right an Apple ///, where once the company really choked on. 
Two rows above, there is a Lisa 2, right beside a classical Mac but 
already with 512K memory and right an Apple ][c.
On the upper level, there are the 10MB profiles of the Lisa and the 
5MB profiles of the Apple ///. The profile disks are again typical 
special constructions by Apple: These are raw Seagate disks(ST402 and
ST 506), where the drive electronics were replaced by a special Apple

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