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ANITA Prototype

Front-side view Front-side view Front view Front view A prototype of the Anita is on display at the London 'Museum of Science'. The exhibit is labelled: "Prototype ANITA Electronic Calculator The Anita was the first commercially available electronic calculator in the world. It was made by the British firm of Sumlock Comptometer Ltd., and was launched in 1961. This prototype (some covers are removed to show the electronic circuitry) was mainly the work of N. Kitz, who had previosly worked on the development of the Pilot ACE computer, on show nearby. Notice that the early Anita retained the full keyboard of Sumlock's electro-mechanical comptometers. Later machines of all makers were designed with a keyboard of ten number keys plus special function keys. Inv. No. 1961 225 Presented by Control Systems Ltd."

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