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AIM 65

Type:           AIM 65                                        <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:   Rockwell
Technology:     R6502 microprocessor   
Year:           since 1979  
Price:          about. DM 1000.-
	        (with 1K RAM, without BASIC)

The AIM 65 was the successor of the KIM 1. In contrast to the primitive
calculator keyboard and the display, the AIM 65 has an ASCII keyboard
and a twenty-character 16-segment LED-display, which can also display
alphanumeric characters.
Additionally, there is a small thermal paper printer, which was used
otherwise in electronic desktop calculators.
The computer board was delivered separately from the keyboard, which was
connected via a flat ribbon cable to the mainboard. At first, the user
had to provide a box and a power supply by himself, just like with the 
Apple 1. Later on, Rockwell delivered a  very ugly plastic case 
with the AIM 65, that also does not contain a power supply.

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