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Type:          PCS-II                                  <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Wang Laporatories
Technology:    TTL / MOS-Speicher
Year:          1977

A quite conservative design for 1977. At the same time there already
was the PET2001 with the 6502 microprocessor. The BASIC was directly
interpreted via microprogram, programming in assembler is not 
Both floppy drives (5,25", hard-secorized) mounted on the round case 
are organized like magnetic tape drives: The Data is always written at
the end, files aren't deleted but marked as illegal. If the end of the
disk is reached, the user has to copy his "full" disk to an other. 
Thus the files marked as "deleted" are left and so their space is 
still available on the target drive.
On the postcard pasted on the computer, you can recognize that there 
was a predecessor without a floppy drive with a cassette recorder. 
Wang had the same problems with the extension of the drives like 
HP some years before....

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