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Siemens SME-800
Intel MDS-800

On the picture down left, there is the 8" double drive, right above 
the EPROM prgramming device for 2716-EPROMS and below the 
actual CPU.
general view
Type:          SME-800  (alias MDS-800)                 <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Intel (Siemens)
Technology:    uP SAB 8080
	       32K RAM, 8K ROM   
Year:          1974
Price:         about 30000.-

 MDS: Microcomputer Devlopment System
 SME: Siemens Microcomputer Entwicklungssystem

The successor system of the Intellec series is the MDS 800, that was
sold by Siemens in Germany under the desigantion SME 800. Here, the 
front panel ?????????.
At first on this system there was the ISIS II operating system running.
Later Gary Kildall developed the CP/M operating system as well as the 
PL/M programming language for this machine. By the way the floppy 
controller for this system is based on a bipolar Bitslice system
(i3000), which is much more efficient than the i8080 
microprocessor of the CPU.

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