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Sanyo ICC 82-D

Sanyo ICC 82-D
Type:          ICC 82-D                                <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Sanyo
Technology:    P-MOS-Multichip
Year:          1970
Price:         about DM 2000.-

The Sanyo ICC82-D also belongs to the first serially produced 
calculators. It can only handle the four basic arithmetic operations
and can't even balance: if the result of a calculation is less than 0,
the decimal complement is displayed. The first calculators of this 
series are equipped with Nixie tubes, like the Anita or the ime 84. 
Later on, they were changed to 7 segment plasma displays. But for this
purpose, a voltage of more than 100V is necessary, which is generated 
by a voltage transformer and troubling the the driver transistors.
The calculator was incredibly expensive. A mechanic Curta or Alpina 
cost less than DM 500,- at the same time. The noble equipment should 
thus justify the high price: A velvet -lined calico-box, and besides
a duster printed with the Sanyo label and a control instrument for 
the rechargable battery.  

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