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PIP 2650 self construction computer

general view
Type:         Homecomputer                             <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer: Do-It-Yourself
Technology:   PIP 2650 microprocessor
Baujahr:      1985
Preis:        Blood, Sweat and Tears

In 1984, the "Ravensburger Taschenbuchverlag" published a book with 
the instructions for a self-construction computer. This computer was
equipped with the already in those times very exotic PIP 2650
by the Signetics company. This microprocessor was used quite often for
video games, also one of the first self-construction computer projects
in the "Elektor" magazine used it.
The "Do-It-Yourself-Homecomputer" had to be self-constructed from the 
ground up, inclusively all circuit boards. At a jumble sale, I really
found a self-made exemplar. From the circuit boards to the cables, 
everything is made "with love". 

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