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Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation     <<<    ***    >>>    ^^^
Type:         PDP-11/10
Technology:   TTL (LSI und MSI)
              16 kwords of 16 bits core memory
Year:         1975/76
Price:        .

The PDP-11/10 (and the OEM version PDP-11/05) is essentially a higher
integrated and micro programmed version of the PDP-11/20. The CPU 
consists of two hex-modules as opposed to a smaller "flip chip" mess.
To make manufacturing the PDP-11/10 even cheaper the front panel was 
reduced and its control was transferred to microcode, furthermore
addressing was limited to 16 bits (instead of the usual 18 bits
by mmu).

The machine here contains a few interesting internals: core memory of
16 kwords, an EAE (Extended Arithmetic Element, KE11-B) and a VT11
vector graphics controller. It came with the compatible monitor from DEC,
a VR17 which has a long luminescence CRT in saturated green as known from
magic eye tubes.
The graphics controller is capable of fetching its instructions from memory
via NPR (DMA in PDP11 termninology). So it processes its display list
and then outputs everything (X, Y and Z similar to an oscilloscope)
on the CRT. It knows four different line types (continous, dashed etc.),
flashing, text and has a lightpen for input. The best-known application
is of course "Lunar Lander".

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