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Osborne 1

Type:          1                                <<<    ***    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Adam Osborne Ass.
Technology:    uP Z80, 64K RAM
Year:          1981
Price:         ca DM 3500.-

A very well figured out CP/M-system, that was delivered with a 
complete application software: BASIC interpreter and compiler, 
spreadsheet program SuperCalc and texteditor WordStar.
The only disadvantage was the 5" screen, which comes from the oddments
of the IBM 5100 production as rumor has it. But it's simply possible to 
connect a bigger external monitor. 
Some more details for this computer: In thr forntpanel, there are 
tubulars, where floppy disks can be stored if they aren't in use at 
the moment.The keyboard can be clicked onto the frontpanel, 
so that it is completely sealed for transportation. All connectors, 
also the one for a modem, are situated on front side. 
Exeption: The main supply cable, for that there is behind an own case 
for transportation.  

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