KIM-1 Details
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general view
Type:          KIM 1                                  <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  MOS Technology
Technology:    uP M6502
Year:          1976
Price:         DM 800.-

The KIM 1 was one of the first hobby computers whose initiation did not
require a soldering gun. It was delivered completely assembled and 
could be operated with a calculator keyboard and a 6-digit 7-segment
display. It only had to be connected to a power supply and a cassette
recorder. Because the processors bus was leaded through to a connector
on the board, the bare KIM could be extended user-defined.
At the former division "computer systems", among others the S100 bus 
adapter for the KIM was built and the speechsynthesizer, which
now is installed in the PDP-8/E, was originally operated by this KIM 1.  

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