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Robotron PC-1715

Type:          PC-1715                                   <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  VEB Robotron
Technology:    uP U880  (Z80)
Year:          1985

Before the introduction of the 16Bit microprocessors in the GDR, there
was the CP/M operating system, which was called DDR SCP there, widely
spread for the small commercial data processing. The PC 1715 has a 
very high quality and has the typical 70s lacquer style.
It is interessesting that although normally the EVP(retailing price) was 
imprinted, this was not the case for any computer: This is perhaps 
comprehensible for the PC 1715, because it probably did not belong to
the consumer goods. The EVP isn't even imprinted on a box of the LC 80
and not even on the one of the SC-2 chess computer.

Images of the PC1715s ROMs
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