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Intellec 8/80

Type:        Intellec 8 mod 80                  <<<    ***    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Intel
Technik:     Mikroprozessor i8080
             Halbleiterspeicher: 16RAM / 4K ROM
Baujahr:     1972
Preis:       DM 18000,-

The Intel company offered the Intellec systems as a developement system
for their microprocessors: Intellec 4 and Intellec 40 for the 4-Bit
microprocessors i4004 and i4040, Intellec 8 and Intellec 8 mod 80 for 
the 8-Bit processors. Due to not calling the DEC-PDP-Computer 
"computer", the Intellec systems only imitated a minicomputer with
their complex, but senseless front panel: a front panel is obligatory
for a computer with a core memory, which does not have a ROM, to
bring the loader to the memory once at start up. A microcomputer system
with a ROM and a RAM has a monitoring program in its ROM in any case, 
so the computer can be completely operated via the serial interface
with a teletype. By the way, it is not possible to show the internal 
registers at the lamp registers, as it is possible at a processor built
with the TTL technology.

Right beside the frontpanel, there are two Textool sockets, where
1702 EPROMS (256 Bytes, programming voltage 48V at the data inputs)
can be programmed.

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