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IBM 5120

general view
Type:          5120                                   <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  IBM
Technology:    TTL und MOS-Speicher
               RWS: 64K 
               ROS: >64K
Year:          1980
Price:         DM 27.000,- to 57.000,-

Because working on the 5"-screen of the 5100/5110-computer is very
exhausting, the 5120 system came up with a 9"-monitor. It has also 
two integrated 8" disk drives. Thus the technology remained unchanged.
The computer consists of the IBM-typical "sugar cubes" as you can see 
them on the pictue of the IBM 5110, that means custom chips by IBM, 
where some silicon dies are linked to a complete chip on a ceramics 
carrier, which is then proteced by an cubic aluminium case from outer
influences. On the picture of the IBM 5110, the processor board is 
shown, which was also installed into this computer. The card format
and the connectors were just adopted by IBM from other IBM-computers,
especially from mainframes.


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