This is the listing of the read-ROS program that will copy the first $4000 words from the APL ROS into RWS starting at location $1000. You can then write this area ($1000-$8FFF) with the help of the DCP to a disk file and transfer it with KERM5110 (on the 5110) or IBMDISK (to read/write 5110 disks on a PC) to a PC.

0B00 1104       	CTRL    1, #$04         ; select APL ROS
0B02 D301 000B  	LWI     R3, #$000B      ; address of low-byte of R5
0B06 8500       	LBI     R5, #0          ; source ROS address ...
0B08 4138       	PUTB    1, (R3)         ; ... high-byte
0B0A 8500       	LBI     R5, #0
0B0C 4138       	PUTB    1, (R3)         ; ... low-byte
0B0E 0004		NOP
0B10 D701 1000		LWI     R7, #$1000      ; destination RWS address
0B14 D801 4000		LWI     R8, #$4000      ; word count

0B18 011E		GETB    R1, 1           ; get high-byte
0B1A 0004		NOP
0B1C 016E		GETB    R6, 1           ; get low-byte
0B1E 061D		MLH     R6, R1          ; make one word
0B20 5671		MOVE    (R7)+, R6       ; write to RWS
0B22 F800		SUB     R8, #1          ; decrement word count
0B24 018C		MHL     R1, R8
0B26 0186		OR      R1, R8
0B28 C103		SZ      R1              ; zero?
0B2A F013		BRA     _loop           ; no

0B2C 0000		HALT
To extract the remaining parts, alter the program at locations 0B06 and 0B0A for the ROS address, and eventually the word count at 0B16, and rerun the program/DCP until each part of the ROS has been saved on the disk.
To extract another ROS alter the CTRL instruction at location 0B00, use #$08 for the BASIC ROS and #$02 for the Common ROS.