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Hewlett Packard 1000

Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard                          <<<    >>>    ^^^
Type:         1000
Technology:   TTL
              16-1024 Kwords MOS memory
Year:         approx. 1975-1980
Price:        .

The 1000 series of HP minicomputers is the continued developement of the
2100 series, which had been started with the 2116 and ended at the 21MX.
Then the 21MX was renamed to 1000M, the 21MX/E to 1000E. Later the 1000F
was added. These are all the main computers in this series. Compared to the
1000M the 1000E was faster and had additional microcode operations, 
furthermore the 1000F came with a floting point processor included and
again additional microcode ROMs (containing among other things fortran 
support, vector- and matrix calculation and trigonometric functions).
These computers have a very wide range of applications. Main features
are the two channel DMA controller (i.e. two DMA operation can run 
simultaneously), MMU for paging and memory protection, optional 
memory expansion up to 2 MB, optional ECC memory and of course the
option of extending the microcode yourself. Therefore the HP 10000F 
in its full configuration proves to be a very fast and reliable 

The museum owns several of these mini computers, at the moment a 1000E
and a 1000F with 800bpi tape drives and 7905 removable disk are on 

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