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Friden 132

Type:          Friden 132                               <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Friden
Technology:    ultrasound runtime memory
               cathode ray tube
Year:          1966
Price:         DM 6759.- (with root)
               DM 4990.- (without root)

Friden built mechanic calculation machines before, among others the 
only mechanic calculator, which could extract a root. The machine shown
here is stack-orientated. All layers of the stack are shown as 
7-segment cyphers at a cathode ray tube(oscilloscope tube).
A steelwire is used as memory, where the data circulate as acoustic
waves. This principle was also used for the main memory of the 'big' 
computers at the very beginning of the development of computers.
Just like at a magnetic drum memory, the data is not randomly 
accessible, which is no disadvantage of a desktop-calculator.

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