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Construction Kit Calculator

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Type:          Construction Kit                        <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  F. Grigelat
Technology:    PMOS one chip calculator TMS 0105
Year:          1973
Price:         DM 198.-

Attending the grade before graduating at the grammar school, a 
construction manual for an electronic calculator was published at
'Fukschau' magazine. A short time later, the construction kit was 
available on different mail order sellings for electronics. At that 
time i could not afford the DM 198,- and was very jealous on a 
classmate, who could afford it and whom i could help 
to solder it. As an inadequate compensation i put aside the catalog, 
where i scanned the pictures from, for almost 30 years. 
Just some years ago, i caught a halfway acceptable version on 
jumble sale, which is quite primitve regarded from now.

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