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Busicom 120DN


the chip itself The expensive chip is soldered directly, eventually because at that time there were no reliable 40-pin sockets available. But to remove it simply for testing or repair, the small pcb on which it is located, has an extra connector to the main board. Details of the MK 6010 Interesting the japanese date which is stamped on the keramic body: 46.6.-6. The japanese counted years from the inauguration of their emperor. Emperor Hirohito (1901* 1989+) was crowned in the year 1926. That means, that the IC was stamped on may, 6th 1972, even it was fabricated in the 13th week of 1971. Also intersting the logo obove the MOSTEK sign. It is a little bit inclined, because it was added later. "NCM" stands for Nippon Calculating Machine Co.Ltd., the mother company of busicom.

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