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Telefunken RAT-740

Type:         RAT-740                                  <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer: Telefunken
Technology:   Germaniumtransistors
              Chopper-stabilized DC-Amplifiers
Year:         1960
Price:        DM 30000.- and up

A small analog computer from times when digital computers where too
big, too expensive and not powerful enough to solve the differential
equations, engineers hat to deal with.
An analog computer corresponds to a slide rule like a digital computer
to an electronic or mechanical desktop calculator. Analog computers
model reality through 'analog' voltages. The programmer has to scale
the whole world so that it fits within the machines voltage range, +10V
and -10V.
In the picture you can see a storage oscilloscope in the top left corner.
Below that a X-Y-writer to draw results on paper.
The entangled cabels are the program. With every analog computer comes
a large collection of cabels and plugs to plug the program.

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