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Hewlett Packard hp-9100

Type:          hp-9100a                                <<<    >>>    ^^^
Manufacturer:  Hewlett Packard
Technology:    Si-Transistors
               magnetic core RAM and ROM
Year:          from 1968
Price:         about DM 15000.-

The first desktop calculator from Hewlett Packard. It is still built 
exclusively with discrete components (single diodes, transistors and
resistors etc.).
The HP-9100 uses reversed polish notation (stack), like the Friden 132.
An oscilloscope-tube serves as the display. Due to a lost patent dispute
the display of the stack had to be modified: the result of a calculation
is not shown at the end of the stack but in the second to last line.
From a mathematical view the HP-9100 is rather powerful: It can compute
higher mathematical functions and is programmable with up to 192 steps.
The core memory was designed so that programm and data would be
conserved when turning of the device.
Magnetic cards served as external storage devices. The printer was
optional and could be replaced with a plotter.

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