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Escape Sequences for HP 264x terminals

Zur hp2644-Seite This table is not yet complete. Occasionally I'll update it. (Rem: The three letters ESC mean the ASCII-escape-code (01Bh) The letters GOLD and GREEN mean the modifier keys with that color. The blanks in the ESC-Sequences below are only for better reada- bility. They must not be entered!) ========================================================================= Numerical and Display Control Group Key or Switch Code Function ESC A cursor up ESC B cursor down ESC C cursor right ESC D cursor left ESC H cursor home Clear Display ESC J clear memory from cursor position Roll Up ESC S scroll display up one line Roll Down ESC T scroll display down one line Next Page ESC U display next 24 lines Prev Page ESC V display previous 24 lines Set Tab ESC 1 set the tab at the current cursor pos. Clear Tab ESC 2 clear tab at the current cursor pos. (Note: at power on, no TAB is set by default!) Reset Terminal ESC E sets terminal to power on state Test ESC z self test (no tape test) Displ. Funct. ESC Y (on) Control Functions displayed ESC Z (off) Control Functions enabled MEMORY LOCK ESC l (on) MEMORY LOCK ESC m (off) Insert Line ESC L blank line is inserted Delete Line ESC M cursor line is deleted Insert Char ESC Q (on) succeeding inputs inserted at cursor Delete Char ESC P characte at cursor deleted ========================================================================= Cursor Addressing absolute addr. ESC &a 23r 60C Move cursor to Row 23, Column 60. ESC $a 60C Move cursor to current Row, Column 60. relative addr. ESC &a +7r -29C Move cursorfrom its current position 11 rows up, 7 columns left. ESC &a -9R Move cursor from its curr. pos 9 rows up. relative and absolute addressing can also be combined: ESC &a -9r 20C screen relative ESC &a 35c 15Y move cursor to relative screen row 15 relative to present pos. off display col 35. (hp2644 only). ========================================================================= Data Path Group Key or Switch Code Function GOLD f1 ESC &p 1S Assigns LEFT TAPE as source GOLD f2 ESC &p 2S Assigns RIGHT TAPE as source GOLD f3 ESC &p 3S Assigns DISPLAY as source GOLD f4 ESC &p 4S Assigns PRINTER as destination GOLD f5 ESC &p 5S Assigns LEFT TAPE as destination GOLD f6 ESC &p 6S Assigns RIGHT TAPE as destination GOLD f7 ESC &p 7S Assigns DISPLAY as destination GOLD f8 ESC &p 8S Assigns PRINTER as destination Note: One source and multiple destinations can be set up with same sequence. (To abort gold key operations, press gold key again.) Example: ESC &p 1s3d 4D GOLD L. TAPE DISPLAY PRINTER ========================================================================= Cartridge Control/Transfer Group Only the 2644 has cartridges, the 2640 has not. Key or Switch Code Function GREEN f1 ESC &p M All files (current source position) from source are transferred to destination GREEN f2 ESC &p F One file (current source position) from source transferred to destination GREEN f3 ESC &p B One line (current source position) from source transferred to destination GREEN f4 Toggle EDIT mode. When EDIT mode is on (LOCAL only), data delted from top of memory is transferred to destination(s) GREEN f5 f5 ESC &p 1u0C Rewind left tape GREEN f5 f6 ESC &p 2u0C Rewind right tape GREEN f6 f5 ESC &p 1u5C Write a FILE MARK on LEFT TAPE GREEN f6 f6 ESC &p 2u5C Write a FILE MARK on RIGHT TAPE GREEN f7 +-n f5 ESC &p +-np1u1C Positions left cartridge +-n records GREEN f7 +-n f6 ESC &p +-np2u1C Positions right cartridge +-n records n is optional. Default, n = -1 GREEN f8 +-n f5 ESC &p +-np1u2C Positions left cartridge +-n files GREEN f8 +-n f6 ESC &p +-np2u2C Positions left cartridge +-n files + or - is optional (relative file) n is optional. Default, n = -1 GREEN Tape Test ESC &p 1u7c Tests left tape unit GREEN Tape Test ESC &p 2u7c Tests right tape unit ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read / Record Group f1 ESC p Retrieves and displays file 1 from current source f2 ESC q Retrieves and displays file 2 f3 ESC r Retrieves and displays file 3 f4 ESC s Retrieves and displays file 4 f5 ESC t Retrieves and displays file 5 f6 ESC u Retrieves and displays file 6 f7 ESC v Retrieves and displays file 7 f8 ESC w Retrieves and displays file 8 READ local: One file is transferred from selected source to DISPLAY READ remote: One file is transferred from selected cartridge to serial line RECORD local: One file is transferred from DISPLAY to selected destination RECORD remote: Data received over serial interface is transferred to selected cartridge. ========================================================================= Edit and Control Group Key or Switch Code Function RESET ESC E Sets the terminal to power-on state TEST ESC z Self-Test GREEN TEST Self-Test (including cartridges) DISPLAY FUNCT ESC Y Control functions disabled and displayed DISPLAY FUNCT ESC Z Control functions enabled BLOCK MODE Block Mode: Data displayed but not trans- mitted until requested; otherwise, terminal is in Character Mode and data is transmitted as typed. REMOTE Remote (on-line) operations; otherwise off-line operation. ctrl-f1 ESC &d X Turns on Display Enhancements with X : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O ----------------------------------------- Half bright * * * * * * * * Underline * * * * * * * * Inverse * * * * * * * * Blinking * * * * * * * * INSERT LINE ESC L Blank line is inserted DELETE LINE ESC M Line containing cursor is deleted INSERT CHAR ESC Q Insert Mode on ESC R Insert Mode off DELETE CHAR ESC P Character at cursor deleted ESC ^ ctl-Q Transmit 7 Bytes of terminal status Status of 2640/2644 is reported as follows: ESC \ B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 CR LF All 7 Statusbytes have the high order 4 Bits set to 0011, the information is in the low order 4 Bits. Thus the status is represented by printable ASCII-Characters '0' .. '9' and ':' .. '?'. B0 indicates RAM-size in K : 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 means 4K B3 shows the Latching Keys : 0 0 1 1 0 1 . . Auto LF 0 . . No Auto LF . 1 . Block Mode . 1 . Character Mode . . 1 Upper Case only . . 0 Upper and Lower Case B5 Error Condition Flags 0 0 1 1 1 . . . Device I/O-Error 0 . . . No Error . 1 . . Loader Checksum Error . 0 . . No Checksum Error . . 1 . Selftest: No Error . . 0 . Selftest: Error . . . 1 Datacom Error: Parity or Overrun . . . 0 No Datacom Error

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