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Diehl Combitron (first version)

Pictures from a dismantled Combitron during repair

View of the printer control board; the keyboard is at the right image border, behind is the power supply board. Under the metal base are the two ultrasonic delay lines and the CPU board.

This is the keyboard unit from beneath that also houses the diode encoder. The attachment to the left is the comma selector that operates the four micro switches with the help of an encoding bar.

A view into the side of the keyboard; one can see the key levers and micro switches operated by the levers when a key is pressed.

The digit indicator at close range; the red lamp at the extreme right is the busy light that is lit during the program loading phase and a calculating operation.

The machine from the top; the printer is nicely visible. Behind lies the motor for the printer and tape reader as well as the fan unit that cools the three linear regulators of the power supply.

A close look at the printing mechanism and the digit/symbol wheels for the individual printing position.

One can see the tape reader in the center that reads the firmware from a steel tape when the machine is switched on. At the left and right are the tape reels, in between the optical unit that reads the holes (one clock and one data track).

The steel tape exits the read unit at the right and is wound on the pickup reel.

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